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Welcome to EJCMR!

EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF COMMERCE AND MANAGEMENT RESEARCH (EJCMR) is a double blind, peer-reviewed and refereed international journal devoted to the study of Commerce and Management.

EJCMR is a half-yearly print (ISSN 2051-8080) as well as online (ISSN 2051-8099) open access journal that publishes research works from scholars, academicians and corporate, in their respective expertise of research. The journal takes every step to index the articles published and generate wide accessibility of the articles in the global context.


EJCMR Online

The online version (ISSN 2051-8099) of EJCMR is updated periodically for its every issue and any supplementary edition. Online journal serves the purpose of reaching the global academic community irrespective of geographical boundaries to unfold the research and practice in the field of Commerce and Management. The online version will be available all times which can be accessed globally and does not restrict access of articles.



EJCMR Print edition (ISSN 2051-8080) is also available to the authors and subscribers of this service. The print edition serves the purpose of having a record of articles published by the authors. The print copies will be send to communicating author only and the author should provide the address to which the copies to be sent. The print copies also will be circulated to universities, institution, research organisations and corporate.